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Dr Ling Learns From Dr Pan in Guangzhou

Dr Scott Ling travelled to Guangzhou earlier this month to attend a seminar on Pulse Diagnosis, held by Dr Pan Xiaochuan.

Originally from China, Dr Pan Xiaochuan has been practising and mentoring traditional Chinese medicine in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, since 1999.

dr scott ling dr pan

In 1983, Dr Pan set up an institute of integrative medicines at DaLian Hospital, where he worked after graduating from DaLian Medical College. He has a high level of experience in helping patients with diabetes, cancer, hypertension, skin disorders, insomnia, and several other difficult to treat disorders and conditions.

Dr Pan is also the author of the book ‘Classical Chinese Medicine Made Visible’, and promotes his teachings in this book at lectures and seminars across the world. As an experienced traditional Chinese medicine professional, Dr Pan has a heightened knowledge of Pulse Diagnosis, which is an important tool used to derive a TCM diagnosis of a condition. The pulse provides valuable information and allows for a deeper understanding of the current state of a patient.

Acupuncture With Dr Scott Ling

Even though Dr Ling has been using pulse diagnosis throughout his career, he always wanted to learn more about pulse diagnosis from a true master. By attending Dr Pan’s seminar, Dr Ling has further sharpened his skill of pulse diagnosis to accurately guide a selection of acupuncture points, in order to create an effective acupuncture treatment. Dr Pan’s pulse diagnosis is very accurate for forming acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment for all kinds of health conditions, which include fertility, pain management, digestive disorder, and psychological disorders.

acupuncture in melbourne pulse diagnosis

(Dr Ling taking the pulse of his patient)

Dr Ling upholds that ‘Pulse Diagnosis is one of the most important techniques in Chinese medicine to determine the health condition and state of the body’. Dr Ling has been applying this knowledge in his practice.

Delving deeper into the subject, Dr Ling had the opportunity to study how an imbalanced pulse can indicate particular health conditions and symptoms, and how these pain and health areas can be accurately treated by acupuncture.

Pulse Diagnosis goes further than heart rate, it determines the flow of Qi through the body’s meridians. According to Dr Pan’s pulse diagnosis system, as long as a pulse is restored back to ‘normal’ by acupuncture, all disease, pain, or imbalance in the body, can be rectified, resulting in long-term results without recurrence.

Pulse Diagnosis has deep origins in classical Chinese Medicine, Yi Jing (book of Change), and ancient Chinese astrology.

acupuncture in melbourne pulse diagnosis

(The pulse and its correlated locations)

Now returned from China, Dr Ling has strengthened his knowledge of the intricacies of Pulse Diagnosis and will be applying his new skills to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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