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Want to have a baby with IVF Acupuncture in Melbourne?

How does acupuncture support IVF treatments?

Our clinic has been providing IVF acupuncture in Melbourne for almost 2 decades now. So we know a thing or two about utilising acupuncture to get pregnant. Keep reading to find out how our IVF acupuncture treatments work and how we can help you on your journey.

IVF clinics often recommend IVF acupuncture in Melbourne as a supplementary treatment. Why? Well because it can increase success and outcomes of IVF cycles. Which means starting or growing your family.

But how? How can IVF acupuncture help you to get pregnant? It starts with preparation well before you start your IVF medications. There is no such thing as too early. We recommend starting IVF acupuncture preparation 3 months prior. We know of course, this is not the reality for many people. So the sooner you start IVF acupuncture the sooner we can help to create positive changes.

Then what about those who have already started their IVF cycle? Not a problem. During your cycle, IVF acupuncture involves supporting the different stages of your cycle. Including:

  • Improving the circulation to your ovaries during stimulation phase(4)
  • Reduces any discomfort following egg retrieval(5)
  • Preparing for implantation by increasing blood flow to your endometrium(4) 
  • Reducing any negative impact of stress, anxiety or depression on your reproductive function(4)

Increase blood flow

Promotes circulation to the uterus and ovaries to improve the egg and endometrium(4)

Reduce stress

Promotes circulation to the uterus and ovaries to improve the egg and endometrium(4)

Regulate the nervous system

Facilitates better communication between the brain and reproductive organs(4)

IVF Acupuncture Melbourne

Support from start to finish

Evidence based and backed by clinical research

In today’s society, there is an increasing use of IVF for couples. Whatever the reason for adopting IVF to start or grow your family. acupuncture for IVF can make the roller coaster of IVF a steady ride.

IVF clinics often recommend IVF acupuncture in Melbourne to help improve your chances. We base our treatments on the most up to date research. You can view a list of studies and references here.

Backed by clinical research as well as our own experience here at Sustain Health. Our practitioners can provide acupuncture to get pregnant for:

  • IVF preparation
  • IVF support
  • Repeated failed IVF cycles

Pregnancy Acupuncture Melbourne

Acupuncture to get pregnant

Getting pregnant is half the battle. The next step is to maintain a healthy pregnancy after your embryo transfer. Women use pregnancy acupuncture in Melbourne throughout their trimesters.

Implantation is the beginning. The following weeks of pregnancy are vital for a successful full-term pregnancy. Pregnancy acupuncture can help with reducing the negative impacts of stress response.

What to expect From IVF Acupuncture in Melbourne


We understand the importance of supporting you, not only at the time of transfer. But also through preparation, pregnancy and recovery. The process itself asks a lot of the body, which means health and strength is essential. Acupuncture and IVF helps to increase success rates and make the process a smooth ride.

Individual Support

Our practitioners are here for you every step of the way. Equipped with experience to assist you with each part of your journey. There is an emphasis on your reproductive health as well as your entire health. IVF acupuncture in Melbourne helps to reduce any side effects that may arise.

Non-invasive Approach

IVF acupuncture is well-known for creating positive outcomes. But what is even better is that it doesn’t involve surgery or side effects. Herbal medicine can also support both mother and father before, during and after IVF. Tailored consultations that are specific to you means we are treating you.

When to start IVF Acupuncture for Pregnancy

From a Chinese medicine point of view, the earlier the better. The best results come from working with the body’s natural cycle. Working with three menstrual cycles is one course of treatment. This allows for all the essential elements in the reproductive system to work as it should.

Starting treatments as soon as possible after a failed cycle is important. To allow time for recovery and preparation for your next cycle.

Many couples find themselves starting medications soon after making the decision to use IVF. If you find yourself in this position, do not wait until you start your IVF cycle. You can begin IVF acupuncture right away before you start. Even one month can make a big difference.

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