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Chinese Medicine Proven to Reduce Scarring and Accelerate Wound Healing

In a recent study on wound healing and scar formation it was found that a commonly used herbal combination could accelerate healing times and reduce scar formation.
The Chinese medicine combination was a pulverized mixture of four herbs including (Xian He Cao) Agrimonia Eupatoria, (He Ye) Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn, (Ru Xiang) Boswellia Carteri and (Pu Huang) Pollen Typhae Angustifoliae. The combination of the four herbs was first described in Chinese canonical medicine about 2000 years ago for treatment of various trauma disorders, such as haemostasis, anti-inflammatory, analgesia, and wound healing, etc. However, the precise mechanisms are still unclear. It was shown that the herbal formula not only significantly enhanced wound healing by relieving inflammation, increasing formation of granulation tissue and accelerating re-epithelialization, but also reduced scar formation by decreasing collagen production, protuberant height and volume of scars, and increasing collagen maturity. The study defined a bidirectional regulation role of ANBP for TGF-β1/Smad pathway in promoting wound healing and alleviating scar formation, which may be an effective therapy for human wounds at the earliest stage.

Wound repair is divided into three phases: inflammatory response, proliferation stage, and scar formation. Inflammation is an important factor affecting the outcome of wound healing. The herbal formula not only reduced inflammatory cell infiltration in the wound but also significantly reduced levels of the inflammation suggesting that the herbal formula could reduce the inflammatory response during wound healing. In addition, the formula treatment significantly induced rapid closure of the wound and increased the formation of granulation tissue at 7 days post-wounding. In addition, skin regrowth was significantly accelerated following the treatment.
These results demonstrated that the herbal treatment not only reduced collagen synthesis and blocked excessive deposition of collagen but also promoted collagen maturity, thus inhibiting the formation of scars.

This study showed that this herbal combination was better than current existing measures to promote wound healing and inhibit scar formation.

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