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Revitalize Your Aging Brain: The Power of Neurogenesis

Your brain has the capability to generate around 700 new brain cells EVERYDAY …

The area of the brain responsible for this is known as the hippocampus.

This hippocampus handles:

  • learning new information
  • storing long-term memories
  • and regulating emotions

It has been a dogma for the longest time, that brains cannot generate any new brain cells. In fact, everyone is capable of neurogenesis. This neural stem cell development in the brain can help improve cognitive functions.

Now that’s the science, but what does it mean and how does it applies to our daily life?


If you’re over 30, it means you should no longer blame your inefficiency on the “old brain”…  AND that we CAN teach old dogs new tricks 😉

I’m sure the following Do’s and Don’ts are not new ideas to a lot of us.

Yet, we do now know for a fact the reason behind it—or at least part of it.

“DO’s” enhance neurogenesis and “DON’TS” are the activities that threaten it.


  1. Meditation; the research is undeniable. It promotes calmness and helps with stress. It creates mindfulness
  2. Gentle breathing; 4 counts in, 8 counts out.
  3. Sleep; “the dishwasher of the brain”—cerebro-spinal fluid gets pumped around the brain…. getting rid of metabolic waste products as we sleep.
  4. Sex, intimacy, a hug, a cuddle.  An intimate touch promotes release of oxytocin.  This “feel good” hormone helps create the feeling of calmness and closeness.
  1. Eat food with plenty of flavonoids. These are found in dark chocolates, onion, red wine, tea and highly coloured fruit. Remember one standard drink of red wine is enough for the day!
  2. Fasting and/or cutting down on calories
  3. Exercise: increase oxygen flow into the brain and the muscles.


  1. Stress
  2. Be Sedentary; you lose what you don’t use
  3. Eat high fat food, soft food , alcohol consumption

Written by

Dr Woon Jee Tio
Dr Woon Jee has achieved a Double degree Bachelor of Science (chiropractic) and Bachelor of Chiropractic….she treats a diverse group of people that include elite athletes and musicians. Dr Tio’s treatment helped them to quickly recover from injuries or strains and maintain the intense training and practice regime required of them.
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