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Jing Fang Mastery: Drs Pritchard & Yu Enhance Their Skills

At Sustain Health, all practitioners are relentless in finding opportunities to up skill. By upgrading our professional knowledge we can offer the best patient treatment outcome.  Under the National Law, all registered health practitioners must undertake ‘Continuing Professional Development’. CPD ensures life long learning: and knowledge and skill sets are up-to-date. CPD’s annual requirements for Chinese medicine is 20 hours. Sustain health aims to double the industry standard—a CPD of 40. This sets the benchmark for one of the highest standards in Australia, for a TCM clinic. All our practitioners must have at least 5 years clinical experience. Recently, Dr Evan Pritchard and Dr Jing Jing Yu, completed a course in the area of Chinese Medicine. Instruction was by the world renowned Professor Huang Huang, of Nanjing University.

Professor Huang Huang is a leading authority on Classic Chinese Herbal Medicine…  known as ‘Jing Fang’. When dealing with all types of diseases, his in-depth knowledge is indispensable.  His use of, the most prevalent and effective medical formulas, dates a  thousands years.

‘Jing Fang’ refers to herbal prescriptions that existed before the Han dynasty… more than 2000 years ago. These prescriptions are tailor made… meant to suit a person’s constitution, as well as the condition they are suffering.

This process debunks the “one size fits all” mentality. Our doctors will match the formula to the person, as well as the sickness.

Jing Fang’ can provide a more positive outcome than many other types of interventions. It’s use can be quicker and safer than other methods.

This education will help Dr Pritchard and Dr Yu in their daily practice.  It will strengthen their already solid diagnostic and treatment principles.  All types of conditions benefit, including:

  • viral and immune conditions
  • fertility
  • digestive and emotional disorders
  • even post cancer support and much more…

All our practitioners are experts in ‘Jin Fang’ —if you like to explore more please contact us on 1300 432 639 for help. One of our friendly staff will guide you further down the road to recovery.

Written by

Dr Evan Pritchard
Dr Evan Pritchard is a registered practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine …..and has a passion for all things Chinese Medicine…Dr Pritchard has had much success in assisting with IVF and natural fertility from the initial stages of preparation through to conception, full term pregnancy, induction and birth support……He has a strong foundation in five element Qi Gong and meditation with more than 10 years experience in both practice and instruction.
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