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Paving Your Unique Path to Wellness: If It Feels Right, Do It

Many of us get confused and overloaded with health regimes and advice.

Managing diet, exercise, rest, work, relationships, medicines etc…. all have an impact on our well-being. It can become difficult to know which ideas to take on board and which to discard.

When we are ill, things become even more complicated, as we search for the solutions to our problems.

We can become overwhelmed by information and recommendations, even those from our doctors. We are often susceptible to suggestion. We trust that we will find relief in some great “new” thing or with a single answer.

Even healthy people can find they are unaware of how to take care of themselves.

Same old results

We may even create illness by following the wrong idea, or applying a “right” idea too fervently.

The truth is that often our well being relies on every factor in our life… as well as the appropriate medicines when we need them.

It is also true that everyone is different. What works for one person may not work, or even have adverse effects, for another.

So we must be responsible for ourselves and pay attention to our bodies and the way we feel. This is one clear sign that things are working harmoniously and you are in good health. When we feel healthy… we generally are.

The same goes for what we do and what we put into our bodies. Of course, this varies from person to person. Different activities and foods are applicable at different stages in life.

For the best results the solutions also need to be flexible. We need a number of possible solutions that we know may work, depending on the situation.

But the underlying factor is, that often when you get it right you can really feel the relief from illness…. or even the sense of well-being that comes from good health management.

Simply put… If it feels right, do it!

As they say… Life doesn’t come with a handbook! We are not born with the knowledge of how to take care of ourselves. We must be constantly learning if we wish to maintain optimal health and happiness.

Better health habits help us gain more confidence. We can observe the effects of all of our activities, foods, relationships, medicines, etc… and how the correct strategies actually do improve and maintain good health… and of course the feeling of good health. This is the most obvious and clearest sign that we are getting it right!

Of course I am not speaking about some of the more temporary forms of feeling good. For example drinking a little too much alcohol. Although this may feel good at the time, it often causes us more trouble in the nearer and more distant futures.

Everything has its place, a little research may be beneficial. Any solutions you find should be harmonious.

So, my advice to you is to keep your options open and find the strategies that work for you.

Of course, at Sustain Health we can help you with your health concerns and strategies. We focus on both your short and long term goals.

Our methods of practice are time proven for optimal results… for those who need some extra help recovering from many forms of illness.

Written by

Dr Evan Pritchard
Dr Evan Pritchard is a registered practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine …..and has a passion for all things Chinese Medicine…Dr Pritchard has had much success in assisting with IVF and natural fertility from the initial stages of preparation through to conception, full term pregnancy, induction and birth support……He has a strong foundation in five element Qi Gong and meditation with more than 10 years experience in both practice and instruction.
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